Nicole Lawton Career Welder

Hours: 900 Weeks: 30

My name is Nicole Lawton and I am now entering my third year of ironworker apprenticeship.  Believe it or not before this I was a waitress for 10+ years.  One day I realized I needed a career, not a job.  Welding always peaked my interests and my father had many years under his belt working as an ironworker so at 30 years old I took the plunge and went to Modern Welding School.  There I had my hand at different processes of welding and found my niche.  I figured out I wanted to work on bigger structures and be high in the sky.  I have to say I couldn't be happier! I enjoy going to work every day and learning different aspects to further my career as an ironworker.  I couldn't have done it if i didn't attend Modern Welding School and I'm so thankful!

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