Course 6

Career Course

All position Electric & Acetylene Welding, Structural Welding, Pipe, MIG, Structural Steel & Comprehensive TIG Welding

Course Length: 665 Hours Part Time Evenings Only

Number of Weeks: 45


  • $100 Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee
  • $13,300 Tuition
  • $1,700 Metals and Supplies
  • $600 Books and Equipment
  • $184 Tax
  • $15,884 Total

Financial Aid: Yes-For those that are qualified

Safety in welding & electric arc, T-joints all positions, Electric Arc Groove 3/8-1 inch plates, hand cutting acetylene and propane, oxy acetylene welding, sheet metal welding, small diameter pipe welding in all positions, brazing of steel/cast iron, Oxy-Acetylene Welding of cast iron, arc welding pipe 4”-10” all positions, Mig and Fluxcore welding all positions, Tig welding-carbon steel-stainless steel-aluminum-pipe


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