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Career Welding Programs & Industry Training Programs

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Hobby Welding Workshop $ 200

Who Should Attend To Enroll Please have payments in by at least the day prior to the Workshop. Please bring your own safety glasses, jeans and leather gloves, jackets & helmets. Learn from the pros. Weld with the best. Modern Welding School workshops are for restoration professionals, artists, car body enthusiasts, and anyone who wants […]

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Course 1 – All Position Electric, Acetylene, and Structural Welding $ 7,481

Length of course 350 hours/12 weeks full time days or 24 weeks part time evenings. Course contents: safety in welding procedures, Electric Arc Welding of t-joints in all positions, Electric Arc Welding of groove welds 3/8"-1" thickness in all positions, hand cutting using oxy-acetylene and oxy-propane, Oxy-Acetylene Welding of sheet metal and small diameter pipe in all positions, brazing of steel and cast iron using bronze, Oxy-Acetylene welding of cast iron. This course is to train students for the following entry-level occupations: Welder's Helper, Tac Welder, Arc Welder and Maintenance Welder.

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Course 6. All-Position Electric & Acetylene Welding, Structural Welding, Pipe, MIG, Structural Steel & Comprehensive TIG Welding $ 13,781

Length of course 665 hours/45 weeks-evenings. This course is to train students for the following entry-level occupations: Welder's helper, Track Welder, Arc Welder, Tig Welder, Mig Welder, Pipe Welder and Maintenance Welder.

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Course 7. Combination Welding $ 17,992

Length of course 900 hours 30 weeks-days. Includes all training from course #6 and blueprint reading with weld symbols and a group fabrication project. Taking the student from shop drawings through cost estimating. lay-out, welding and finishing with a focus on building team items. This course is to train students for the following entry-level occupations: Welder's Helper, Tack Welder, Arc Welder, Pipe Welder, Maintenance Welder, Tig Welder, Mig and fabrication welder.

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Notice Board

DOT Test

Friday August 25, 2017

Call 518-374-1216 ask for Tim Fuller for more information.

STICK Hobby Course

Saturday August 12, 2017  STICK

Time:  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Call 518-374-1216 ask for Adam Uruskyj for information. 

MIG or TIG Hobby Course

Saturday July 29, 2017

MIG  Time:  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

TIG Time:  9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Call 518-374-1216 ask for Adam Uruskyj for information.


Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Awesome experience!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Very grateful for the opportunity to come here.  Feel very confident my training here has set me up for a great career."

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"The best learning experience I have ever had.  Very hands on.  A pleasure to attend the best welding school in the world.  Everyone was so helpful!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

Thank you to all my peers and the staff at MWS.  I have learned so much and now have the confidence to be successful in the welding field.  MWS has made me excited for my new career.

Previous Graduate-Course #6

"Great school & would recommend it to family and friends!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Very happy with my decision to go to Modern Welding School.  Very happy with the instructors and staff.  I am very proud to have attended MWS.  Thank You!!!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Coming into this school as a novice and completely new to the field, I was completely happy with the amount of support and knowledge that was bestowed upon me.  This was an excellent experience that I am sad to leave..."

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Congratulations to the YELLOW group 2017 Graduates!!!