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Six years after the start of a deep recession and a growing call for more middle-class manufacturing jobs, one American industry is tackling workforce development in a unique way. Welding is courting fresh recruits—women in particular.

Mention women welders and "Flashdance" might come to mind.
The 1983 movie starred Jennifer Beals as a welder by day and dancer by night.
But the industry has advanced beyond the bulky machinery depicted in the film.
Modern welding techniques are highly specialized and can include automation.
Shop floors are brighter and cleaner. Welders work on specialized structures for the
marine and aerospace sectors, even on custom cars for reality TV shows.

Despite cool projects, available work is outpacing qualified tradespeople,
largely due to an aging workforce.

"Any metal shop you talk to, they're desperate for good metal fabricators,"
said Scott Behr, owner of Total Metal Resource, based in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Their work includes metal staircases and signage for the Colicchio & Sons restaurant
and Chobani yogurt shop, both in Manhattan. "The reality is, the guys who really
know what they're doing, with deep knowledge of what happens with metal,
are machinists, sheet metal workers and blacksmiths. And they're retiring soon,"
said Behr, himself a 20-year welding veteran.

Of course, whether men or women make better welders is debatable.
But both genders being equal, some women, it turns out, have a knack for welding
which requires multiple proficiencies. An affinity for math and science.
Artistic and spatial skills to conceptualize ideas. And maybe just as important,
a temperament for precise work and hand-eye coordination.

"Women have steady hands and patience.
And those are two very important things in welding,
"said Becky Lorenz, a veteran professional welder and machinist.

"Since there's a shortage of skilled workers and the pay is good
welding is a marvelous opportunity for young women," said Nancy Cole,
last year's welding society president. Only the second female presidentin
the group's 95-year history, Cole traveled to some 26 states and 13 countries
in 2013 to stump for manufacturing and welding.



Decades ago, welding shops indeed were dangerous, dark and filled with
large equipment. But shops are safer, brighter and smoking-free.
Women don't need to lift 50 pounds: Robotic equipment can help,

Modern welding still is demanding. But no two jobs are alike.
and being a petite female welder has its advantages.
At 5-foot-2, Lorenz is able to squeeze into confined spaces.
"It's crazy," said Lorenz, whose resume includes work
for the University of Maryland physics department
and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


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