Marty Rice is a welding instructor at a high school career center in Texas. He is an honorary member of the Ironworkers Local 263
Why in the heck would you want to weld?
One Veterans's story

...just as I'm proud to be a veteran, I'm also proud to be a welder..see more

Modern Welding School Graduate and
Warrior to Welder Casey Demarse takes over the airwaves at
PYX 106 Albany on The Veterans Rock 2016 Show.

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Very Rewarding for
Warriors to Welders

to take part in the
Fort Drum Transition Fair Thanks to All Who Attended!


Modern Welding SchooL is a VETERAN/MILITARY FRIENDLY TRADE SCHOOL offering both day and evening courses.

Are you a veteran looking for a hands on career? Are you looking to use your veteran education benefits?

According to an editorial written by American Welding Society in January,
"The prediction is that if this situation continues, there could be a shortage of 200,000
skilled welders unless something is done now". Un-quote. Gerald D. Uttrachi AWS President.

The average welder in the United States is 54 years old.
The baby boomer generation is causing a spike in the number retiring and, unfortunately,
there are far fewer welding students coming in to replace them.

Modern Welding School is licensed by The New York State Education Department as well as accredited by
The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges ACCSC.

Modern Welding School was a 2015 recipient of the ACCSC’s “School of Excellence” Due in large part to our completion rate and placement rate being higher than the national average.
You shouldn't have to fight for a good career and a good job.

We believe at Modern Welding who better to hire to continue building our country's
infrastructure than the very men & women who put their lives on the line to protect it.

Modern Welding School's Financial Aid Options are available if qualified.
You could become a certified welder in less than 8 months. Modern Welding School works with many employers who prefer to hire veterans.
WHY WAIT? Start next month on a career that is in demand.
Modern Welding School!

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