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Recently Named "A School of Excellence"...


Capital Region Trade School Named "A School of Excellence".
Schenectady’s Modern Welding School Named National School of Excellence.

Schenectady, NY-Modern Welding School was awarded the 2014-2015
School of Excellence Award by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).
The locally owned and operated trade school is one of a select few in the country to receive this distinction by achieving
"Exceptionally High Rate of Job Placement" for its students upon graduation, and for maintaining high educational standards.
In order to achieve this honor, an accredited school must meet all of the graduation and employment
criteria set by the ACCSC’s commission for all of its institutions. Modern Welding School exceeded the
average rate for students obtaining lucrative welding jobs after graduating.

Modern Welding School leaders will travel to Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
to receive the award at a Community of Partners in Education conference.

Modern Welding School has been located at 1842 State Street in Schenectady for nearly 80 years and
has launched the welding careers of thousands of students from here at home, and across the United States.

Contact Jeffrey Daubert at (518) 374- 1216 or e-mail for more information regarding how
this small local business has achieved national recognition for exceptional achievement in accredited trade school education.

Why A Career In Welding?

Whenever there is anything made of metal, a welder was there-shaping the world we live in.

Over 50% of all manufacturing involves welding.

From home appliances to automobiles, from skyscrapers to underwater rigs,
any kind of product that requires the joining of metals requires the skills of a welder.

Associate Executive Director, Jeff Weber, of The American Welding Society states,"
There will be a shortage of no less than 250,000 welders in the U.S. by the year 2010".

The state of the welding industry reported a projected need for almost 250,000 additional welders by 2019.
This information comes from an article published on June 8th 2012 "Is There Really a Welder Shortage?" By Devin O'Toole

Space, energy, and communications industries are opening new opportunities in welding. As a result, the long-range outlook for welders is excellent.

Highly-skilled welders are in demand.

Here are merely a few of the articles one can find with a litttle bit of research on the subject of skilled tradesman
such as certified welders becoming more and more in demand. and will continue to do do over the next few years.

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Forbes Reports: America's Skilled Trades Dilemma:

Labor Shortage Threatens to Bust the Shale Boom

Problem for American Industry: A Good Welder is Hard to Find

Mike Rowe discusses a shortage of welders and the state of the industry

Earn A Great Living

Because of the demand for skilled welders, salaries are competitive.
Occupational Outlook reports that the average pay for welders was $12-18 an hour, and many experienced welders make even more!

Welders may be promoted to welding technicians, supervisors, inspectors, or instructors.

Some experienced welders even open up their own repair shops.

The need for knowledge and education is vital to get jobs in the welding industry. The amount of money you make depends on getting the right training.

What We Offer

Our training uses a "hands-on" approach that gives you valuable skills from working with the tools of the trade.

Our instructors teach some of the latest welding techniques. this gives you the competitive edge you'll need to win jobs in the industry.

The steel industry, construction, mining, aircraft, shipbuilding, petroleum exploration, iron designs or government agencies are only a few of the areas in which you could begin your career.

What It Takes

Welding processes differ as much as the equipment and skill levels of each welder.

Welders must understand the properties of metals, mathematics and have a working knowledge of basic drafting.

Welders must be able to picture how a complete project will look while creating it from a plan. They enjoy working with their hands, and share a great sense of pride
in seeing a job finished.

Individual courses are available for experienced welders.
Pretesting required. Fee: $75.00


Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision

Financial Aid Available
for those who qualify




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Daily booth rentals available
for the experienced welder

Days $200.00

Evenings $100.00

Individual courses are available
for experienced welders.
Pretesting required. Fee: $75.00

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Licensed by the New York State Education Department.

Approved by the New York State Education Department for
Training of Veterans.

An Institutional Member in the
American Welding Society.