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Mission Statement:  The mission of Modern Welding School is to educate and train individuals who desire to enter the welding field by using our time tested techniques and practices in both theoretical and hands-on applications on many of today’s welding processes.

Modern Welding School is a private career school at 1842 State Street , Schenectady New York.  The school was founded in 1936 by the late Charles R. Richter for the purpose of providing a faster and more efficient way of teaching welding.  In 1961, the school was sold to the two welding instructors at the time.  During their tenure of ownership they trained hundreds of students in the trade of welding.

In 1961, the school was sold to the present owner, Modern Welding School, Inc.  Over the years the school added new programs to keep up with the ever changing field: and in December of 1995 the school moved to its present location of 1842 State Street,
Schenectady, NY.

Modern Welding School is licensed by the New York State Education Department, and approved by the ACCES-VR and the New York State Division of Veteran’s Affairs for the Training of Veterans and other eligible persons.  Modern Welding School is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges since 1984.  The school is also a member of the American Welding Society.

Courses and methods of teaching are very carefully planned and supervised at Modern Welding School with the thought ever in mind of what industry demands of a welder and cutter entering the field.  All students receive individual training and help in preparation for employment.

A close record is kept on each individual student so that progress can be determined at any time.   The school, its Director, and teachers take a personal interest in  all students and help them in every way to become quality welders in the shortest possible time.  The school also assists in finding gainful employment for graduates.  Some of the latest texbooks and literature on welding and cutting are available to all students.

Instructors are licensed by the New York State Education Department and have a wide range of experience in the welding field.  Over eighty years experience has been amassed by our instructors.

A student of Modern Welding School is given a Certificate of Completion by the school upon successful completion of training.

Notice Board

DOT Test

Friday, March 16, 2018 ***8:00 am***

Call 518-374-1216 ask for Tim Fuller for more information.

STICK Hobby Course

Stick Hobby Course Call to Schedule


Call 518-374-1216 ask for Adam Uruskyj for information. 

MIG or TIG Hobby Course

 MIG Hobby Course

Saturday March 24, 2018

Saturday April 28, 2018

Time:  10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Call 518-374-1216 ask for Adam Uruskyj for information.

TIG Hobby Course

Please call 518-374-1216 to check on next available class.

Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Call 518-374-1216 ask for Adam Uruskyj for information.


9, December 2016

1st International Conference on Green Architecture  Prospects and Challenges of Going Green world. Remembering conference of the world 


Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Awesome experience!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Very grateful for the opportunity to come here.  Feel very confident my training here has set me up for a great career."

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"The best learning experience I have ever had.  Very hands on.  A pleasure to attend the best welding school in the world.  Everyone was so helpful!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

Thank you to all my peers and the staff at MWS.  I have learned so much and now have the confidence to be successful in the welding field.  MWS has made me excited for my new career.

Previous Graduate-Course #6

"Great school & would recommend it to family and friends!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Very happy with my decision to go to Modern Welding School.  Very happy with the instructors and staff.  I am very proud to have attended MWS.  Thank You!!!"

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"Coming into this school as a novice and completely new to the field, I was completely happy with the amount of support and knowledge that was bestowed upon me.  This was an excellent experience that I am sad to leave..."

Previous Graduate-Course #7

"This is a great school if your willing to apply yourself.  Healthy learning environment is also a plus!"